What SFI can offer you

There are 23 actions to choose from across 8 areas. Keep reading for examples within each area, and links to more detail.

Soil health

Sow herbal ley pastures to support your soil structure and receive £382 per hectare each year.

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Assess and produce a written record of your moorland and receive £10.60 per hectare plus £272 per SFI agreement each year.

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Receive £13 per 100-metres for hedgerow management.

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Integrated pest management

Get £798 per hectare for flower-rich grass margins, blocks or in-field strips.

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Nutrient management

Get £593 per hectare for legume fallows or £102 per hectare for legumes on improved grassland.

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Farmland wildlife

Plant a pollen and nectar flower-mix and receive £739 per hectare,  attracting pollinators that support natural crop pest predators.

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Buffer strips

Create a 4-metre to 12-metre grass buffer strip on arable and horticultural land and receive up to £515 per hectare each year.

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Low input grassland

Receive £151 per hectare per year to manage grasslands with very low nutrient inputs.

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